Eye wash

Body: Solid brass

Spray head: Soft rubber, softened water spray for eye protection

Dust cap: PP, removed automatically when eye wash is operated

Switch: Automatic trigger locking for easy hand-free use

Valve: Non-return valve, shut off automatically .

Hose: Length 1.5m,PVC pipe with stainless steel wire braided,wrapped by

PE pipe relief from rust and leakage Max. working pressure:6BarMin water pressure: 4bar

The Eye Wash Filter Protector is to be installed at the front of Eyewash hose with filter screen accuracy below 20 pm.Its main function is to filter the precipitation of impurities and bacteria, microbial debris, rust, sand and mud,which is above 20 um from the pipe,thus to avoid the hurt to the eyes.


1.304 Stainless steel 
2.High gloss epoxy powder. 
3.Emergency Shower 
4.Eye washer
5.Weight: 13.8KG
304 Stainless steel. High gloss epoxy powder.
Emergency Shower:304 stainless steel inlet pipe, s/s stay-open ball valve with s/s actuating arm, s/s pull rod & s/s shower head.
Eye washer: 304 stainless steel inlet pipe, s/s stay-open ball valve with flag handle & s/s eye wash bowl.
Spray head: Chemical resistant PP/Solid brass, built-in stainless steel filter to remove impurities from water.
Foot treadle stainless steel available: Activating eye wash valve.

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