Ductless medical fume hood

Clinic and Medical Ductless Fume Hood With Filter System

Clean Ductless Chemical Laboratory price of Fume Hood 

 HT series filtering fume hood can provide safer protection for laboratory personnel and environment against toxic fume, it has been widely accepted as the replacement of conventional fume hood.

Distinguish from conventional fume hood, filtering fume hood can absorb chemical fume and circulate safe airflow back to laboratory. It saves energy meanwhile protects personnel and environment. Installation of complicated pipe system is not needed so that it is easy to move the equipment. filtering fume hood is an independent ductless purification system.

Through high-efficient contaminant control and safe activated carbon technology, filtering fume hood makes the laboratory cost-efficient and environment-friendly.

Using hydromechanics software to design so that it can improve airflow uniformity and safety meanwhile reduce noise. Advanced product design optimizes airflow mode and pressure delivery to avoid air turbulence.

Model HT-1200 HT-1500 HT-1800





Interior Dimension(H*W*D) 780X1200X595 780X1500X595 780X1800X595
Per-filter Disposable and non-washed polyester.85% efficiency.Complying with EU3 standards
Main Filter Medium of nanometric activated-carbon parcel.Efficiency:95% plus
Inflow Speed 0.4-0.5m/s
Noise Under general environment,measured noise≦62dB
Illumination >1000 Lux (>93 foot-candles)
  BodyConstruction Main Body 1.2mm good-quality cold-rolled steel plate.Electrostatic surface spray
Side Tempered-glass observation windows
Back and Operation Desktop  

1.0mm 304 stainless steel

   Power Voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz;
Fan 9A 245/420W
Duplex water-proofed socket  10A
power 500W 500W 500W
Operation Condition Temperature:10℃;RH≦75%RH
Net Weight 225kg 245kg 293kg

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