Disinfectant spray Entrance gate


Sateri Group Dmat human face recognition and temperature detection is researched and developed

independently.It’s based on face thermal imaging temperature detection,it is including

binocular live-body anticounterfeiting function and high temperature “ID card and people face comparison+body temperature detection”and “people photo and people face comparison +body

temperature detection” these two product forms can fulfill diffident application scenario ,meanwhile

the interface is open for customer developing the second run,in this way to help all kinds of departments detecting human temperature efficiently in order to conquer the Coronations !

The equipment is integrated, intelligent and mobile, especially use in Public Health emergency event, and spray on surface of people, pets, goods and other objects for disinfection;

Non-contact body temperature detection can quickly, simply, safely, directly, accurately monitor and judge whether there is abnormal body temperature phenomenon.

If people’s temperature is higher than normal range, the door will have voice alarm.

The equipment uses food-grade disinfection products to ensure the safety of personal application;

it can automatically add disinfection liquid, automatically sense the passage objects, real-time display the running status, spray volume and spray time can be adjusted; Easy to move quickly during the emergency deployment, beautiful appearance, scientific design, committed to environmental protection, waste liquid can be recycled.

Usage feature

1.1 Automatic induction spray function

The Equipment installs the microwave movement object sensor, detects after the human enters, starts the fog machine by itself, sprays the disinfectant in door.

 1.2 Infrared temperature measurement, sound and light alarm. Non-contact temperature measurement can be realized by using high precision industrial infrared spectrum sensor and calibrated by black body radiation source. It is fast and reliable,

can effectively avoid cross-infection and collect body temperature in real time. Peak extraction, contrast output, signal lights, and buzzers alert.

1.3 Food grade disinfectant 

The equipment adopts food grade disinfectant, widely used in food, tap water, vegetables and fruits and other objects disinfection, the solution strictly in accordance with the International PM value ratio to provide, to ensure human health and safety

 1.4 Non-angle attack spray does not irritate human facial organs

The fog outlet is non-angle design to avoid spraying directly to human’s face.

 1.5 Device status remind function

Equipment with work, lack of liquid, lighting and other state display, so that equipment managers can accurately grasp the status of equipment operation in real time. Fog Equipment with anti-dry burning function, can effectively prevent the improper operation

of the equipment caused damage.

 1.6 Automatic supply solution function

The automatic re-hydration equipment is equipped with 20L super large capacity

liquid storage tank, which can automatically re hydrate the atomizing

tank, reduce the workload of operators, and can be used for more than one day without

resupply of disinfectant.

1.7 Waste liquid collecting function

The bottom of the equipment is designed with waste liquid collecting tank and movable waste

liquid collecting tank, which can completely collect the residual waste liquid after the equipment

is disinfected, and centralize the hazardous waste treatment to prevent environmental pollution.

1.8 Claude Data processing

Equipment can be connected to the computer, fulfill implement the cloud data sharing, data aggregation and analysis

1.9 Rapid setup function

Equipment using 220V AC, power consumption less than 1000 W, installation and deployment is simple and quick, just insert row and add disinfection liquid , without professional installation and debugging, simple operation, easy to learn and use, disinfection liquid easy to add.

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